Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Elizabeth Wood

Liz graduated from Bucknell University too many years ago to remember, with a BA in Geology. It was an erstwhile pursuit, and she’s done nothing with Geology since. Looking for what might fuel her passion more thoroughly, Liz spent the next decade living in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and finally Philadelphia, where she’s now a full-time staff member with Villanova. In her heart of hearts she would have been an English major as an undergrad, and is attempting to rectify that grievous error by joining the VU Grad English department as a student. Still exploring all genres, Liz is reluctant to say what her focus will be, but at the moment she finds the relationship between the interior and exterior self, and how that relationship is addressed in novels, intriguing. Having already hiked Alaskan glaciers and sipped wine in a 16th-century french hamlet, Liz’s free time is now spent with her husband and two boys, finding the briefest respites in a glass of wine or a walk through the park.

Sara Kolojejchick

Sara earned her B.A. in English with her Secondary Education Certification from Immaculata University in 2010.  Since then Sara has been pursuing her career as a teacher, currently teaching high school English at her alma mater.  A New Jersey native but a Winter baby, Sara prefers the snow and the cold to the beach and the heat.  Sara spends her time ringing in two Handbell Ensembles, one of which is the Philadelphia Handbell Ensemble (www.phillybells.org). Sara enjoys reading the twisted works of Edgar Allan Poe, Shirley Jackson, and Chuck Palahniuk but when she has a rare free moment, she enjoys spending it with her "fur-baby", Bacardi, and her friends and family.

AJ DeBonis

A Pennsylvania native, AJ earned his BA in Philosophy from Eastern University in 2010. After working for three years as a sexton at a lovely church in Wynnewood and studying theology at Villanova, he moved to New Haven, CT to complete an MA degree in religious ethics at Yale Divinity School. He is currently interested in the intersections of literature and moral philosophy, meaning and literary form, and values in American literature; Dante, Eliot, and Adam Zagajewski are proving to be lasting companions. He’s married to Patti.

Robert McClung

Rob comes to Villanova from outside the discipline of English. Prior to starting the program here, he studied musicology at Temple University’s Boyer College, where he also performed solo and chamber music as a classical guitarist and sometime choral singer. At Temple, he became keenly interested in opera, so following graduation, he started his career in the archives of the Metropolitan Opera in New York, then moved north to the Glimmerglass Festival for a brief summer in Cooperstown, and finally landed in the Education department of Seattle Opera, where he gave lectures, created programs, and wrote for the company. His scholarly interests center on the culture, literature, and music of the English Renaissance. At Villanova, he’d like to pursue a project grounded in rhetoric, gender, and performance studies that includes the work of Shakespeare, Morley, Sidney, Dowland, the other Robert Johnson, the more famous Ben Jonson, and (just so that no one feels excluded) the Daniel brothers. In addition to Renaissance literature, he is keenly interested in the literature and history of Philadelphia, and holds a strong affection for the personal essay, especially those of Lamb, Repplier, E.B. White, and Baldwin, who are always at his bedside. When he’s not reading, he attends weddings in what used to be his spare time.

James Butler

James earned his B.A. in English (with minors in History and Creative Writing) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015. His UNC honors thesis related John Berryman’s 1969 work The Dream Songs to the Biblical Book of Job. James is primarily interested in post-war and contemporary American poetry, but he also has an interest in the general history of poetry as well as the intersection of theology and literature. He has a pretty consuming obsession with Bob Dylan, and he also loves IPAs, steak, and Tar Heel basketball.

Kathryn Corona

Kathryn has spent the last 15 years trying to unlock the secrets of living on the wrong side of the continent. Born in Cali and raised in God's Country (i.e. the Washington State), there are certain elements of East Coast living that still do not sit quite right for this country girl from the mountains.  And let's not even discuss humidity, or naked trees in winter.  After undergraduate degrees in English, Spanish and Education from Central Washington University (strangely, also the Wildcats) she dove into the deep end of crazy and moved sight unseen to New York for graduate school #1 and an MA in Biblical Literature and the New Testament.  She came to Philly for an actual job that could pay the bills and to do this thing called "adulting." Ten years in k-12 education renewed the dream to go back to collegiate teaching and she found her way to Villanova's MA in English. If you are lucky enough to have class with her then bring your appetite because she loves to share the fruits of her culinary endeavors. When she is blessed enough to have a bit of spare cash Kathryn likes to run away to exotic locales and is searching the world to find someone who will pay for her to travel and go to school for the rest of her life. Her dream PhD program is at Notre Dame where she can do an interdisciplinary study of the role of parables, storytelling and allegory for the communication of faith to an illiterate church and society from the 1st century through the Renaissance.  In her fleeting moments of spare time she cooks, bakes and hangs with friends who are more like family, reads non-school related anything, dabbles in photography, hones her ballroom and latin dance skills, wanders off the marked trails, and makes use of her God-given singing voice.  The rest of the time she holds court as "The Queen" of her classroom and attempts to educate and inspire the next generation to love Literature, or at least be able to write a coherent sentence.

Ann Marie Jakubowski

Ann Marie graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2015 with a B.A. in English and Spanish and a minor in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy. The more she reads, the more wide-ranging her interests become, but past work has focused on British Modernist poets T.S. Eliot and David Jones, examining their approaches to questions of temporality and systems of representing meaning. Broadly, she is very interested in religion and literature scholarship, particularly its intersection with philosophy of language. An ex-college newspaper editor, she’s retained a deep appreciation for the power of coffee and all things journalism, as well as the useful ability to write like mad under a deadline. In her spare time, Ann Marie enjoys exploring Philly, cooking, and talking about how much she loves her home state of Michigan.

Caitlin Moon

Caitlin Moon graduated from the University of Delaware in 2015 with four majors: French Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, and Art History, with minors in European and Medieval Studies. Due to research interests, she has also acquired a working knowledge of Spanish, classical Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as Old English, Old Norse, and Russian. Caitlin completed the Middlebury Deutsche Schule in 2011 and has studied in Italy, Germany, Belgium, and at Christ Church College, Oxford. She is the recipient of numerous academic awards.

At Villanova, Caitlin will focus on Medieval Literature with a certificate in Women and Gender Studies. Her primary interest is the interdisciplinary relationship between Art and Literature, specifically medieval representations of women.

Caitlin’s free time is spent traveling, antiquing, cooking, painting, watching foreign films, or translating poetry, as well as volunteering with elderly Russian immigrants. As a Medievalist, she plans to earn her PhD and work in a museum setting.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Emma Bartholomew

Emma Bartholomew just read the bios of the other Villanova English grad students and is
appropriately intimidated. Nonetheless, she also happens to be a proud alumna of Randolph College, from which she graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Curriculum and Instruction. Emma spent her junior year studying abroad in England, during which time she fell even further in love with nineteenth-century British and American literature. Emma has also devoted much of her time to the study of education and the performing arts. A Minnesotan by birth, Emma has a distinct preference for cold weather and fresh water over sunshine and the ocean. Among her other favorite things are Anna Karenina, hard cider, Seinfeld, 1950s fashion, and naps.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Susan Hottinger Cash

Susan earned her BA in English and German at Mount St. Mary’s University in 2000. She then lived and worked in Germany for a year, tutoring students in English, developing her fluency, and traveling throughout Europe. Her literary interests are varied, as favorite authors include Dickens, Melville, Coelho, McCourt, and Angelou; she bears a particular love for Shakespeare. Considering her experience as an actor, she hopes to pursue studies with an emphasis on drama and the performed written word. Susan is a fulltime high school English teacher and mother of Jude and Paul, ages 3 and 4 months, respectively. In the unlikely chance that she isn’t grading, changing diapers, or reading bedtime stories, she enjoys brewing mint tea in the Moroccan style, singing impromptu backup vocals for friends, and binge-viewing Derek or Flight of the Conchords with her husband, Brian.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Julia Hart

Born and raised in New Orleans, but having lived in Columbus, Ohio for the past eight years, Julia received her degree in English at the College of Wooster in May 2014. While at Wooster, she completed a year-long independent study project examining females as heroes in young adult fantasy literature. She is deeply interested in gender studies, including feminism and queer theory, and she is interested in exploring Irish literature as a potential focus of study in the future. In fact, Julia has an affinity for Irish culture and has been learning to play the Irish fiddle for the past two years. In addition to her passion for Celtic music, she also loves playing the piano, and you will usually find her listening to music in her spare time. Some of her other favorite pastimes include reading, creative writing, and traveling.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jennifer Bradley

Embodying Villanova’s slogan “Once a wildcat, always a wildcat,” Jennifer Bradley is back for her MA in English literature after graduating from Villanova University in 2013. She earned her BA in English and pursued minors in writing and rhetoric, Spanish, and psychology. Jennifer hopes to combine her love for literature and psychology in her research interests, which predominantly concern 20th century American literature and gender studies.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Christine Kelley

Christine Kelley earned bachelors in English Literature and History at Elizabethtown College. While a student there, she researched and designed a 27-panel literary exhibit celebrating the life of Sylvia Plath for the Lancaster Literary Guild. Her interests are primarily in 20th and 21st century poetry, but her reading is omnivorous and eclectic. She also enjoys novels, especially modern and postmodern. Among international authors, she loves the Japanese, especially Haruki Murakami and Yasunari Kawabata. Current research interests include Syrian poetry. Christine enjoys writing poetry and knitting in her spare time.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Payton Ritchey

Payton studied English Literature as an undergraduate at Texas A&M University. She has previously studied the intersect of war literature and idealized masculinity using texts from various American eras, but also has interests in Southern and Chicano subfields. Payton enjoys coffee, every variety of bread product, and walking through the city (even though she can only afford to window shop).

Eric Annino

Eric earned his BA in English from Penn State University in 2011. His fields of interest include late 19th- and early 20th-century American literature and media studies. In the past, he has written on issues of revision in Henry James’s Roderick Hudson and has explored questions of human experience in an increasingly technological world, using Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy as a parallel. Eric’s two great loves are wine and the written word, and when he isn’t in the classroom you’ll find him, glass in hand, either reading up on all things enology or just tasting… always tasting…

Friday, September 5, 2014

Justin Heinze

Justin graduated with a BA in English from St. Joseph’s University in 2009, where he ran track and cross country. He volunteered with Americorps for a few years in California, Arizona, and Montana, leading backcountry conservation crews, before writing for a Florida daily newspaper and working on an organic farm in Tanzania. His traveling curriculum included Conrad, Faulkner, and Cormac McCarthy. His father read him an Illustrated Classics edition ofMoby-Dick as a child and the book has been a part of his life ever since. His interests include nature writing in fiction, and identifying themes of environmental stewardship that serve as a call to social action, particularly in late 19th and early 20th century American literature. In his spare time Justin enjoys long distance running and writing fiction about the desert.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Michelle Callaghan

Michelle graduated from Widener University in 2013 with a BA in English. She also minored in creative
writing and was active in theater and choir. She never grew out of playing pretend, and that is reflected in her literary interests: early modern drama, video game studies, audience study, and interpretative communities on the internet (fandom). She is interested in texts that are, or might be, experienced (or “played”) visually, aurally, and interactively, in very specific times and very specific spaces—an interest that has led her face-first into the digital humanities. Michelle loves her gaming PC, her furry children, a good glass of wine, and indoor rock climbing with her Companion Cube.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Theresa Kircher

A proud Jersey girl, Theresa graduated with her BA in English from Saint Joseph's University in 2013. A gender studies minor, she presented multiple papers at various academic conferences throughout her undergraduate career; and her senior thesis, Out of the House: The Male Gaze and Women's Negotiation of it Through Literature, explored the theme of the male gaze as a lens through which women are defined, classified, and judged within texts written by contemporary American, British and French authors. Theresa is primarily interested in continuing to explore women and gender studies themes within literature while at Villanova. Outside of the classroom, she can usually be found in the gym, cooking at home, enjoying a class of wine, or shopping at J.Crew.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Christine Lairson

After earning her B.A. in English literature with a leadership certification at Andrews University in December of 2012, Christine spent a semester substitute teaching in NJ. At Villanova, she plans to indulge her inner Anglophile immersing herself in British literature, especially the Victorian period. Christine has worked on student newspapers and journals, interned at Glamour and Elle Magazines, and freelance edited for a small book publishing company. In her free time, she enjoys participating in international mission trips, acrosport, yoga, emulating the sartorial choices of the Duchess of Cambridge, and perusing magazines while unwinding on a beach. She aspires to be a coffee connoisseur and indulges her love of travel whenever possible.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Faith Seymour

After earning a master’s degree in history from Villanova University, and then earning a license as a skin therapist, Faith began writing for a monthly Montgomery County publication called, Reflections: Positive News for a Change. After two years of documenting inspirational stories about local heroes, she grew bored with her writing style, and returned to Villanova to broaden her skills. Faith is a middle school Social Studies teacher. Some of her most meaningful interactions with students are in encouraging them to persevere though a sometimes ugly, and always rigorous writing process. Faith is also the banjo and ukulele player, and backup vocalist for Savior Soul, an American Roots bluegrass band, and this past summer, she and her sister launched F & J Productions, an interactive, musical arts duo.