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Monday, June 26, 2017

Sarah Lynch

Sarah graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in literary studies and a minor in political science from Wesley College in her home state of Delaware in 2017. Sarah has particular interest in the interconnection between American culture, film, history (both domestic and transatlantic), literature, media, music, and politics. As a member of the Honors Program, she developed a thesis about the prevalence of Milton's Lucifer archetype in American pop-culture and presented her work during Wesley's Scholars Day event during her senior year. In 2016, Sarah presented a thesis about the importance of fan-fiction at the 27th Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Conference and plans to present again this year about the way in which television shows affect Americans' perceptions of vigilantism. Aside from academia, Sarah loves to read and write, attend baseball games, and binge-watch series on Netflix.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Joe Alicea

Joe Alicea earned his Bachelor of Arts at St. John’s College in Annapolis with two majors, the first in Philosophy and the second in History of Science and Mathematics, and two minors, one in Comparative Literature and the other in Classical Studies. Joe took three semesters of Ancient Greek in translation and an additional three semesters of French in translation; during this time he translated the first book of Euclid’s Elements, excerpts of Aristotle's Politics, Derrida’s Feu la cendre, and several of Molière’s plays. Joe’s principal interests during the beginning of his studies at St. John’s were in the philosophies of Descartes and Spinoza, St. Augustine’s Confessions, and the plays and poetry of Shakespeare. His absorption in these areas would lead to an award for the best written essay by an undergraduate in 2012 for his sophomore thesis - an analysis of the mutability of identity in King Lear with a thorough discourse on theories of relationalism. This thesis and its methods of critique and analysis are precursory to Joe’s current interests in phenomenolgy, philology German hermeneutics, and modernist literature. At the moment, Joe is primarily reading the later journals of Wittgenstein, the later works of Derrida, the prose and poetry of Wallace Stevens, and the early prose and poetry of David Foster Wallace. The time between his philosophizing in college and now was spent with friends and family as an onsite mathematics tutor for students at LVL High School in la Villita of southside Chicago.

Lia Mrozinski

Lia graduated with her BA in English in 2014, and has since worked as the director of content at a marketing agency in Maine. During her time as an undergrad, she studied sociopolitical themes in Irish American drama and honed in on her interest in modernism, achieving a high pass on her comprehensive exams and graduating as the top student in the department. Lia is a nerd and writes with enthusiasm on topics ranging from Imagism to ductless mini-splits. She is particularly interested in the unreliable narrator and how literature reacted to and was shaped by Victorian forms. Her recent travels have been shamelessly centered around stalking Saint-Exupéry (in Casablanca) and Hemingway (in Havana).

Christie Leonard

Christie graduated from Villanova University in 2017 with a B.A. in English and minors in French, History, and Classical Studies. In 2017, she presented her first major conference paper on Mary Wilkins Freeman at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies National Conference in Philadelphia. She is interested in the Gothic tradition and intersections of literature and medicine in the long nineteenth century. For a few years, she co-taught architectural modeling at the Wallingford Community Art Center and is currently working as a PhD dissertation editor. In her spare time, she is a multimedia artist, and enjoys knitting, cooking, Netflix, Jeopardy! and looking up etymologies. She has a toad named Edgar, a red betta fish called Galahad, and several potted plants.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Angeline Nies-Berger

Forever trapped between twos, foreigner and citizen, francophone and anglophone, and thus forever feeling a little awkward, the only element that's never swayed for Angeline is literature. The interest became official while studying Voltaire and Rousseau in high school and discovering the not-so-subtle intertwining of literature with politics. Today, this curiosity mainly takes roots in feminism, and the daily leitmotiv is to challenge the system. She just graduated from la Sorbonne (Paris, France) with a BA in French Literature and Media, and hopes to pursue with a PhD in Comparative Literature after her MA of English at Villanova. However, she also declares that if she ends up being a published author living on a small ranch with a bunch of horses, that is as great an option as the other similarly ambitious but also exhausting, revolutionary one.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Joe O'Brien

Joe came to Villanova after earning a B.A. in Literature, Language, and Culture from Virginia Tech in 2006, and a Secondary Education Certification in English from West Chester University in 2012. He teaches high school English at his alma mater, Salesianum School in Wilmington DE. He enjoys playing the guitar and the harmonica, as well as coaching--and occasionally playing--rugby. Joe spends the rest of his free time watching Netflix and the Eagles with his pit bull, Ambrosia. His primary literary interests are mainly contemporary, such as Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King, and Roddy Doyle. Joe was excited to join the Villanova community just in time to feign allegiance during the National Championship run.