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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kathryn Corona

Kathryn has spent the last 15 years trying to unlock the secrets of living on the wrong side of the continent. Born in Cali and raised in God's Country (i.e. the Washington State), there are certain elements of East Coast living that still do not sit quite right for this country girl from the mountains.  And let's not even discuss humidity, or naked trees in winter.  After undergraduate degrees in English, Spanish and Education from Central Washington University (strangely, also the Wildcats) she dove into the deep end of crazy and moved sight unseen to New York for graduate school #1 and an MA in Biblical Literature and the New Testament.  She came to Philly for an actual job that could pay the bills and to do this thing called "adulting." Ten years in k-12 education renewed the dream to go back to collegiate teaching and she found her way to Villanova's MA in English. If you are lucky enough to have class with her then bring your appetite because she loves to share the fruits of her culinary endeavors. When she is blessed enough to have a bit of spare cash Kathryn likes to run away to exotic locales and is searching the world to find someone who will pay for her to travel and go to school for the rest of her life. Her dream PhD program is at Notre Dame where she can do an interdisciplinary study of the role of parables, storytelling and allegory for the communication of faith to an illiterate church and society from the 1st century through the Renaissance.  In her fleeting moments of spare time she cooks, bakes and hangs with friends who are more like family, reads non-school related anything, dabbles in photography, hones her ballroom and latin dance skills, wanders off the marked trails, and makes use of her God-given singing voice.  The rest of the time she holds court as "The Queen" of her classroom and attempts to educate and inspire the next generation to love Literature, or at least be able to write a coherent sentence.

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