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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Elizabeth Wood

Liz graduated from Bucknell University too many years ago to remember, with a BA in Geology. It was an erstwhile pursuit, and she’s done nothing with Geology since. Looking for what might fuel her passion more thoroughly, Liz spent the next decade living in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and finally Philadelphia, where she’s now a full-time staff member with Villanova. In her heart of hearts she would have been an English major as an undergrad, and is attempting to rectify that grievous error by joining the VU Grad English department as a student. Still exploring all genres, Liz is reluctant to say what her focus will be, but at the moment she finds the relationship between the interior and exterior self, and how that relationship is addressed in novels, intriguing. Having already hiked Alaskan glaciers and sipped wine in a 16th-century french hamlet, Liz’s free time is now spent with her husband and two boys, finding the briefest respites in a glass of wine or a walk through the park.

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