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Friday, September 26, 2014

Susan Hottinger Cash

Susan earned her BA in English and German at Mount St. Mary’s University in 2000. She then lived and worked in Germany for a year, tutoring students in English, developing her fluency, and traveling throughout Europe. Her literary interests are varied, as favorite authors include Dickens, Melville, Coelho, McCourt, and Angelou; she bears a particular love for Shakespeare. Considering her experience as an actor, she hopes to pursue studies with an emphasis on drama and the performed written word. Susan is a fulltime high school English teacher and mother of Jude and Paul, ages 3 and 4 months, respectively. In the unlikely chance that she isn’t grading, changing diapers, or reading bedtime stories, she enjoys brewing mint tea in the Moroccan style, singing impromptu backup vocals for friends, and binge-viewing Derek or Flight of the Conchords with her husband, Brian.

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